Kirk, the Leader

Kirk is a natural born leader for the adventurous Elf Tree crew. He is the compassionate leader who wears his heart on his sleeve. The other elves look to Kirk to help them solve many different problems as his low key style and humble manner helps him to draw out the best qualities in his friends. Kirk is known to be extremely loyal to his fellow elves and in turn they trust him and are fiercely loyal in return.

Kirk loves a challenge and spends much of his free time hiking and exploring the forest land near Santa's toyshop. Kirk is just one of those elves that is happier roaming the landscape rather than being cooped up inside. When Santa asked him to take charge of the Christmas tree field in the North Pole, he was excited and up for the challenge. Kirk’s greatest skill is that he knows how to best help others utilize their talents and abilities and that skill was the driving force behind the creation of the original Elf Tree.