Lilly, the Horticulturist

Lilly believes the best of everyone. Like a doctor, she listens intently and observes even the smallest details. Like a scientist, she enjoys blending and creating potions and analyzing positive and negative effects. The combination of these skills makes Lilly a superb friend and horticulturist (plant specialist).

Lilly loves working with her friends at the Elf Christmas tree farm. Challenged by the tasks of keeping the fragile ecological system in order, she often collaborates with her good friends Mei Mei, a tenacious researcher, and Mateo, the farm's arborist, to create new ways for keeping the trees beautiful and healthy.

Lilly has a talent for growing exotic flowers that she uses in her potions. She is also an avid snowboarder and often completes her race down the slope with a high flying back flip, which Zane titled "Flight of the Lilly".