Zane, the Transportation Engineer

Crazy Zane, dare devil extraordinaire, is an elf with a great sense of humor. At Santa's toy shop, Zane was once in charge of the stuffed animal stuffing machine. His first day on the job, his curiosity got the better of him and Zane climbed into the machine to see how it worked. Annoyed that Zane left his post, Kirk started up the machine to complete the stuffing process. Both boys were stunned when Zane flew out and was stuffed into an elephant's body; then laughed themselves silly while Zane struggled to get out. From that moment on, Zane and Kirk have been best friends.

At the Elf Christmas tree farm, Zane is in charge of delivering Christmas trees to all the elves in Elf Land. He also tests all Torrin's new inventions, especially anything that includes a super-powered blaster widget. Though he loves his job, Zane is often easily distracted from the task at hand. It doesn't matter what he's doing, if he feels the impulse to join in on a random game of snowball war or spontaneously dive into a freshly snow-covered surface to make snow angels; Zane's motto is, "Why wait?!"